Western Land
Logo of Western Land.
Game Mario Party 2
Number of Spaces 114

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Mario Party 2 Difficulty Rating: 1 out of 3

This is Western Land, a board from the Nintendo 64 game Mario Party 2. This board is Western themed, hence the name "Western Land".

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay for this board is in standard format, just like every other board up until Mario Party 4.

Attributes Edit

Space Count
Space Image Space # Info
BlueSpace MP1
Blue Space
Gives 3 coins. *Only 70 at a time (the other 2 are occupied by the Star Space and Baby Bowser Star Space)
RedSpace MP1
Red Space
Happening Space
Happening Space
Chance Time2
Chance Time Space
Battle Space
Battle Space
Item Space
Item Space
Bank Space
Bank Space
BowserSpace MP1
Bowser Space

Board Features Edit

The main attraction of Western Land is Steamer, a train. Here, Steamer can take players around the board. Also, if another player is on the board in the way of Steamer, he will hit them, knocking the player back to the Start.

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Music Edit

The music played on the board. 300px

Mario Party 2 Outfits Edit

As with the other boards in Mario Party 2 (excluding Bowser Land), this stage gives each character a unique outfit. Toad also gets an outfit, as well as Bowser. For this board, they are cowboy outfits.

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Item Mini-Game Edit

Like all the other boards in Mario Party 2

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  • Mario's Mario Party 2 official artwork usually depicts him wearing the Western Land outfit.

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